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Tampere group show BOB-puppy
Judge: Kirsi Nieminen

7 month old puppy of excellent type. Correct proportion in body.
Masculine head. Good expression. Good overline. Excellent forechest and body.
Excellent rear angulations and good low hocks. Fluent movements.
Shows himselfs nicely.

BOB M.First Choice - BOS Admant's Let It Be Me

Milhällans Eager To Win "Ruth"

Inoff Hudiksvalls Kennelklubb
Judge Sara Nordin

Feminine bitch. Attractive lines and proportion. Nice head and expression. Good neck. Typically angled around. Very good forechest. Well shaped chest. Moves with lovely steps. Good coat quality. Very nice temperament.

Milhällans First Choice "Capo"
BOB-puppy and BIG-2 in Helsinki
Judge: Kirsti Louhi

Judgement: Male with stron bones, good head and correct bite. Well set ears.
Beautiful neck and overline. Good chest. Good coat quality. For his age fluent movements.

BOB, BIG-2 Milhällans First Choice - BOS, Adamant's Let Me See The Star

Milhällans First Choice 7 months

Lahti all breed puppyshow

Milhällans First Choice "Capo"

Winner of baby boys with HP, BM-1 & BOS-puppy
Domare: Leila Kärkäs

Excellent all over, promising puppy. In balance at this development stage.
Correct lines in head. A bit small eyes. Good neck and overline and good chest.
Balanced and good angulations. Good strong bones. In good muscle condition.
Good parallel movements, enough long steps. Good coat and behaviour.

Capo 6 months

Milhällans Ever So Clever "Tango"
Has this weekend been approved in the ability test tracking


Milhällans First Choice "Capo" 5 months

Owner: Heidi Nemlander Kennel Icicle's Finland

"Ruth" Milhällans Eager To Win, Approved on EVP and EV
Judge: Bert Johansson

Photo: Linda Ljungqvist

Criticism simple water:
Calm under fire and throw, go easy in, swims well, retrieving the driver with good delivery.

Criticism water:
Slightly worried about the shot and thros, go easy in, swims well, retrieving with good grip, spend but takes up on request, good delivery.

Gotlands Kennelclub int. show

Milhällans Ever So Clever "Tango"
Owner: Elin Hansson

Saturday 27/8
Judge: Paul Scanlon, Irland

Milhällans Ever So Clever
Owner: Elin Hansson
Excellent, Best Dog-4

Milhällans Do It Twice

Milhällans Eager To Win
Very Good

Sunday 28/8
Judge: Rouli Kantzou, Grekland

Milhällans Ever So Clever
Excellent, Best Dog-3, res-cc

Milhällans Do It Twice
Excellent 3rd place in open class

Milhällans First Choice "Capo" 4 month

Owner: Heidi Nemlander Kennel Icicle's
International Show in Ransäter

Judge: Jan-Erik Ek

Milhällans Do It Twice
1st Openclass competitive with ck, 3rd best male with Reserv CC

Criticism read as follows
Attractive model, beautiful topline, excellent sexual characteristics, proper debt position,
excellent body, good angles all around, typical movements.

Milhällans Eager To Win
Excellent 4th Juniorclass competitive

Her criticisms read like this
Pleasant junior with good lines, feminine head and expression, good neck and shoulder good spring of rib, strong back, broad great thighs, moves ok but need more training to come into its own.
(Ruth is not highly trained exhibition)

Judge: Sara Nordin

Milhällans Do It Twice
Excellent 3rd Openclass competitive

Milhällans Eager To Win
Very Good

Judge: Luis Pinto Teixeira

Milhällans Do It Twice
Excellent 4th Openclass competitive

Judge: Säde Hohteri

Milhällans First Choice "Capo"

Has show debuted in Finland, in a so-called game-show where multiple breeds involved,
there were 40 puppies who competed against each other and Capo became 2nd.
Look how nice he is running at math Heidi's page



Has been on show in two days. Saturday we were in Alfta with us, we had M. Do It Twice "Cash", M. Down With Love "Fidelia" and Picabo's Moonlight Mist, Judge was Liz-Beth Liljeqvist.
Cash got excellent and is positioning 4th in open class, Fidelia and Misti had the day settle Very good.

Sunday we put on the SSRC's show in Högbo judge was Frank Bjerklund Norway.
With us at the show was Cash and Misti, Cash got Excellent with excellent first open class with reserve CC
and Misti got Excellent.

Milhällans Do It Twice 2 years


There was no mating between Fidelie & Michael because Fideli never came in heat or it was so early in the heat that I missed it. "But no tears without laughter" we mate Malla with Michael instead and it bang a little bit higher in the pedigree. Look under planned litter.

Webbmaster: Lisa Bergendahl

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